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HOTA Ostrava, s. r. o.
HOTA Ostrava, s. r. o.Jízdní kola, koloběžky, cyklosedačky, doplňky na kolo

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How to buy

Catalog navigation Catalog navigation

To choose a product, first select a category from the list in section Catalog.
If a category has subcategories, then you can continue by selecting one or more subcategories to filter out the list of products.

If the desired product has more than 1 variant, the list of variants will appear under the core product description.

Adding item into cart Adding item into cart

To add an item into cart, you need to click on the product or product variant / accessories to show its details.

There you can view photos of the desired item, or commence adding the item into cart.
To add the item into cart, you need to select desired item colour. (by clicking on the radio button in the desired colours field) and enter amount of pieces of item you want to order. After doing this simply click on the shopping cart icon, next to the colours list, to add the item into cart.

Ordering cart items Ordering cart items

In the shopping cart are shown only items added into cart by now. The weight of items shown is approximate only, because there could be items without weight stated. It is posible to change amount of ordered items, you can remove item from the cart, or empty the whole cart (all is managed by throught buttons placed in the items list).

To order items from the cart, you need to fill in the billing data (* are marked fields that need to be filled it) and also delivery data, if it is not the same as billing data (a form for filling in the delivery data is activated using a checkbox "Delivery data is the same as billing data".
You also need to select form of payment and form of collection of consignment.

Entered information need to be checked carefully, because after the submit they can't be changed.

Checking order state Checking order state

After sending ordering information, you will receive order details to your e-mail address (or addresses if the billing and delivery data aren't the same), you entered before submitting the order.
After processing the order you will be informed by e-mail if the order is confirmed (with shippment price statement) or declined (with decline reason statement).

To check the order, and the ordered items, you can use the Check order by ID form on the main page, by entering unique order ID, which is located in the confirmation e-mail, you received after ordering desired products.